After a long and productive carreer as a police officer, sergeant, and lieutenant I have settled into a professional writing career. This has been and remains interesting, rewarding, and often quite enjoyable. It has allowed me for the most part to continue with my primary goal while working in the police profession. That is, and always has been the training and preperation of the line officer.

Unfortunatly many times those on the ground level are the least trained or prepared to do their jobs. Administrations often spend money and resources on those things that satisfy personal and political agendas; often with no regard to the affect it has on the line officer. Money that could be spent on needed training is spent on gadgets, needless programs, and items that are never used. It is unfortunately a sign of the times. We seem to live in a world where what appears most useful is more important than what actually is useful. Like the rest of society American Law Enforcement has at times lost its way amidst the hype, gltiz, and glamour of the age. Many of us believe there needs to be a return to the base values if you will. Lets hire good people and train them and keep them trained. Once that is complete then you can worry about the latest greatest program. It is my quest if you wish to keep attention focussed on just that. This website is a means to that end. Please take the time to look around. Iit is place where readers can learn about me as an officer, Martial Artist and writer. Follow the link below to see information about Karate and Kendo Training.

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