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Is eliminating risk “protecting” us to death?

I had a recent conversation about some of the things done during martial training both with and without weapons over the last 40 years. The list is pretty long, especially when it comes to my open hand training. The comment / question was asked, “was that particularly smart”. The answer of course was “not really”. …

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EXPERTS and your Home Defense Weapon

I was recently asked what my home defense weapon was, as this client had read a few articles on the subject and it seemed confusing and sort of contradictory to them. Some of the advice given was so odd it made it difficult for her to make a choice. She was honestly wondering if these …

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Firearms training

Teachers and Instructors – So Whats the Difference?

Another great question from a student, what is the difference between an instructor and a teacher?  Having written on this in more detail prior, it was time to try and simplify this answer.  Wait, that was a moment, simplify the answer?  Thats it, Thats the Ticket!   Teachers break complicated or seemingly complicated factors into …

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Pistol Red Dots – They will get you killed!!

Its been kind of funny to watch the “evolution” of the gun medias coverage of an RDS on a pistol. I liken much of it to the AP outside the gun media. Fully 90% of reporting is nothing more than a re-write of an AP wire. In the old days you could pick up 10 …

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Why People Buy Guns = Or The Art of the Justification of Need.

Friend of mine asked me this question the other day, “So, why do people buy guns?” A non gun person, not anti, just never interested and it was an honest question.  Its also asked by those wanting  to deny others the ability to buy guns. My answer was pretty short.  It encompasses all the reasons …

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Commando Camp – and other Fantasy Adventures

Each day of my existence brings further examples of the similarities between the martial arts  and firearms training worlds.  I have only been training people how to use firearms for a couple decades, my martial arts training goes back to 1972. Almost every aspect of the “industry” that has grown around firearms training parallels my …

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Firearm malfunctions


Every one of us who has or currently teaches firearms classes encounters the home builder that brings their work to class.  In most cases as soon as you hear “I built it”, or “I am a gunsmith” you kind of shake your head and chuckle.  Occasionally they survive the entire training without a hitch, most …

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Change is Painful yet Powerful!

The only thing more painful than change for those entrenched in the antiquated is that experienced by those attempting to implement change. Change agents are the spark of progress without regard to the avenue or event.  Throughout history they have suffered everything from ridicule to torture, mutilation and execution.  Yet, without them we would still …

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Kahles with the AMR


AR pistols (I call them prifles) are all the rage these days and I understand why.  As a long time class 3 dealer and Title 2 manufacturer the SBR laws are ridiculous, right up there with suppressors.  Prifles provide a lawful means to use rifles with short barrels.   To this day I am surprised …

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Shooting to 400 Meters

Training for the 99% – The Lazy Mans Copout!

This may be the longest standing argument in the police and self defense  training world.  It survives across the spectrum of training but is practiced most visibly during force on force, combatives, and firearms training.  What will we encounter “99 percent” of the time, and lets focus our training there.  Seems like a no brainer, right? …

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