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Commando Camp – and other Fantasy Adventures

Each day of my existence brings further examples of the similarities between the martial arts  and firearms training worlds.  I have only been training people how to use firearms for a couple decades, my martial arts training goes back to 1972. Almost every aspect of the “industry” that has grown around firearms training parallels my …

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Firearm malfunctions


Every one of us who has or currently teaches firearms classes encounters the home builder that brings their work to class.  In most cases as soon as you hear “I built it”, or “I am a gunsmith” you kind of shake your head and chuckle.  Occasionally they survive the entire training without a hitch, most …

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Change is Painful yet Powerful!

The only thing more painful than change for those entrenched in the antiquated is that experienced by those attempting to implement change. Change agents are the spark of progress without regard to the avenue or event.  Throughout history they have suffered everything from ridicule to torture, mutilation and execution.  Yet, without them we would still …

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Kahles with the AMR


AR pistols (I call them prifles) are all the rage these days and I understand why.  As a long time class 3 dealer and Title 2 manufacturer the SBR laws are ridiculous, right up there with suppressors.  Prifles provide a lawful means to use rifles with short barrels.   To this day I am surprised …

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Shooting to 400 Meters

Training for the 99% – The Lazy Mans Copout!

This may be the longest standing argument in the police and self defense  training world.  It survives across the spectrum of training but is practiced most visibly during force on force, combatives, and firearms training.  What will we encounter “99 percent” of the time, and lets focus our training there.  Seems like a no brainer, right? …

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Firearms training

Be Careful what you Look For, YOU JUST MIGHT FIND IT!

  Decades ago while beginning a life long passion for Martial Arts training a concept lived by those most experienced was drummed into my brain.  Training to win a fight is designed to provide  the confidence to avoid them if at all possible.  This can apply even if your job in life may be as …

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Police Chief Chryptochidism and the War on Cops

Police Chief Chryptochidism and the War on Cops

So Why Aren’t you still a Cop? Although I am a bit on the old side to start another police career, it is a topic that remains pretty consistent, especially when talking to former colleagues.  Turns out I was pretty good at it, maybe really good at it. Do I miss it, sure, especially the …

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Groups for accuracy

Groups – The Biggest Lie of All

I have been shooting “groups” with my precision rifles for a couple decades now, and pistols since becoming a gun writer.  There are so many  myths surrounding its importance it is almost ridiculous.  Its just one of those things that should die, but just never will.  It may be the most over used and least …

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Have We Evolved?

Americas Favorite Past Time the BASHFEST!!

So, have we really evolved? The inability to contribute to any argument outside criticism, derogatory statements, or outright profanity is not new.  It was something experienced many decades ago in grade school.  My guess; its been around since humans began interacting with some form of communication beyond a grunt.  I think they call that evolution, not …

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Yesterday a concealed carry holder in Utah intervened during a car jacking and was forced to shoot and kill the suspect.  It is so far proving to be the perfect example of why many carry a concealed firearm. Most carry for the protection of themselves or loved ones. Some feel compelled to help others.  The …

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