Justified was a great TV series, been catching up on it, never forget that “justification” for shooting someone is much easier on television, even easier on social media. It might be a good idea to remember that since doing so in court will be a completely different story.

Truth is Optional

Making life decisions based on media, social media friends, groups, or organizations is stupid, plain and simple, Regardless of side most are feeding a narrative with little concern for you or anyone else. Never forget, truth is not only optional in that world it’s generally discouraged. Reality is a mere inconvenience to furthering the goal be it political or monetary.

Sometimes popular is just stupid!

This came up in a conversation last night about shootings where the victim grabbed their gun and chased the suspect after a store robbery. The statement was made “there are all kinds of factors”. He may be a threat, he may come back, all kinds of stuff, it’s complicated? Problem is that is just not true, its complete BULLSHIT! Anyone actually defending those people in court will attest to it. Just worked a case where a stead fast arrogance and belief in the “narrative” landed someone in Federal prison for 10 years. Small consolation his “followers” supported him. What It does is feed the whole “never back down” or other narrative the “prime directive” of these sites. More importantly it gets them “clicks” and traffic, maybe even sells an add or two with no real concern for how it effects real people.

Social Media Friends – an Oxymoron

Chasing bad guys seldom works out as planned. Chasing them for 30 years teaches you that quickly. Assuming you don’t get shot in the process it may get you some prison time depending on where you live . DO NOT fall for the rhetoric and “expert advice” you get on social media. Get enough friends together and you can “justify” anything and garner all kinds of support after the fact. Never forget most social media friends are not your real friends, even fewer “experts” are actually expert. They may cheer for you but my guess is they won’t sit on your jury, pay for your defense, visit you in prison, or pay for you kids college.

Expert advice just may get you shot!

There is little doubt you and others are threatened during a robbery, after he leaves without hurting anyone that is almost universally useless as a justification in court. Never mind the fact you are risking your life for $10.00 that’s not even yours. I get the whole outrage thing, but those outraged morons on the Internet telling you to “go get em” will not take care of your family while you are in prison, or get you a job when you get out, or a loan, or anything else that comes from being a convicted felon. Real life is not a video game or two minute blurb on your favorite social media site or web page. Shooting someone for real is life altering when you have no choice, it can destroy you when it goes wrong.

If they shoot you or someone else and you try and stop them sure, or they come back it’s a different story, it does get a bit more complicated but NEVER start with the premise its “clear cut”, worked far too many cases where it did not turn out that way. That being said running after them shooting them in the back and claiming “I feared for my life” is not going to cut it, even in most gun friendly states. Even if they turn during the chase and shoot you may be on shaky ground especially if it’s down the block. Not every court ignores how you got there, The fact the “cops” initially think you are good means NOTHING, especially if the prosecutor does not. You may get lucky, maybe not, but why on earth would you risk your life or freedom, the ability to see your wife, kids, or anyone else for that matter for a couple bucks and Internet fame? It may be the worst part of social media today, the willingness to ignore reality for the sole purpose of furthering an agenda, no matter what that agenda is or the cost to those that buy into it. Maybe it’s clicks, metrics, follows, add money, fame, fortune who knows. Its all good I guess, until you end up in prison because the “justification” provided for you by some “expert” on a FB page or web site was full of crap!

Intervention has consequences!

If the fight comes to you, avoid it if you can, take it if you must and above all win it. Absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared for that, and above all trained . Just remember when you go looking for it you may find it, and it probably won’t work out the way your favorite social media guru said it would. Having a bunch of media experts, or social media masters agree with you is small consolation when you are walking in and out of court in a jumpsuit with handcuffs and shackles, now that is real!

Intervention comes with consequences, not all of them good, just remember that the next time you chase an armed robber down the road for the $10.00 he took from the till. Above all, never forget the “friends” on social media that told you they are “behind you” could not possibly care less and never did, but hey, you will be famous, they will get clicks and follows and for most today that seems to be all that matters.